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Why Australia?

JPB Liberty Pty Ltd is incorporated in Australia because it is the best jurisdiction for doing Web 3.0 Litigation Funding of large global class actions.

  • Australia is the pioneer and world leader in litigation funding with a clear and light touch regulatory framework 

    • Litigation Funding is specifically exempt from Australian securities regulation

    • Token Sales for Litigation Funding purposes fall within this exemption

    • Some of the biggest and most established global litigation funders are based in Australia

  • Australia has one of the best class action regimes for plaintiffs in the world

    • Persons within the defined class are automatically class members unless they opt out

    • Cases do not need to be certified by the Court before proceeding

    • Only one substantial common issue needs to link class members

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Law is plaintiff friendly and broader than many other jurisdictions

    • competition law includes black letter law per se breaches that do not require the complex and expensive task of market definition

  • Australia is a well respected common law jurisdiction with strong rule of law and connections to other advanced economies.​

    • This assists in recognition of Australian judgments in key overseas jurisdictions​ where defendant companies are headquartered

The CEO of JPBLiberty, Andrew Hamilton, is also a very experienced Australian lawyer and litigator with a rare gift in seeing legal strategies others miss. His 25 year legal record includes:

  • winning two underdog vs the system cases in the High Court of Australia

  • being rated one of the top in-house lawyers in Australia on numerous occasions 

  • running a Federal Court class action as solicitor and barrister

  • inventing and implementing numerous innovative legal and litigation strategies