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  • How will you verify claims? Will you be asking people to send you any crypto?
    NO! We are not asking you to send us any crypto to just be a registered class member. If you ever come across anyone pretending to be us and asking you to send crypto, please alert us as fast as you can. The legal process we have to go through will have us first fight to prove liability: to show that the other side broke the laws we say they did. Whilst we have to show there were damages up front, we feel we've more than passed that bar already with the signups we have. After that stage, and assuming that we win a court declaration of liability, we will enter a phase of proving damages. At that point we will need to prove claims. With losses due to dropping crypto prices, in most cases we anticipate being able to do this with a signed message that proves you have a private key. No funds need to pass back and forth. As and when this is needed, we will work to make the process as obvious and easy as possible. This information is for no-win-no-fee class members: separately we are raising funds to bring the case and funders can and have sent us crypto for this.
  • Where do you post updates about the case?
    Our main high traffic communication channel is the Hive social media blockchain. Follow us on Hive to see our latest blog posts. We post updates to our Telegram Channel "Sue Facebook". We are also on Twitter (for however long we're allowed to be).
  • Why do your offices look like a building site and a home?
    JPB Liberty is an Australian company but most of the day to day work is done in Israel. The Israeli address is Andrew's home and the Google Map image is five years out of date. Today that address is a tall residential building. The Australian address is a home. We have been working on this case without financial compensation for over two years. All money we've either put in ourselves or raised has gone toward paying external lawyers and other essential business expenses (like this website and emails). We certainly aren't paying for fancy offices anywhere.
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