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Sick of bias,censorship, security breaches, no privacy & anti-competitive behaviour?

Facebook (Meta) & Google's illegal attack on the Cryptocurrency Industry has created the weapon to restore freedom to the internet: 

A class action legal claim against Big Tech huge enough to destroy them and empower their decentralised, secure, censorship resistant replacements.

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JPB Liberty seeks to preserve freedom and liberty in the online world. 


Decentralised applications & projects and cryptocurrencies represent the future of online freedom, privacy and democracy - a Web 3.0 or Cryptocosm.

JBP Liberty has been established to fund class action litigation against those who attack the Cryptocosm unlawfully and other wide scale abuses of power.



Crypto Ad Ban Class Action

  • JPB Liberty' lead applicant has commenced a Class Action against Facebook (Meta Platforms Inc) & Google for their ongoing ban on Crypto related advertising.

  • This ban was an anti-trust violation which breached Australia's competition and consumer protection law and caused billions of dollars of damage.

  • Companies doing business in Australia which engage in anti-trust violations can be sued for worldwide damages in Australian Courts.

  • Anyone holding cryptocurrencies or involved in the Cryptocosm can join the Class Action as a Class Member on an anonymous, no win no fee basis.

  • Proceedings were filed on 14 August 2020 and on 10 June 2022 the Federal Court of Australia found there was a prima facie case against Meta and Google and gave leave to serve them in the USA.

  • On 29 September 2023 the Federal Court of Australia permanently stayed proceedings with a right to refile proceedings with different funding / representation arrangements - See Court Notice below.

  • On 11 October 2023, the Applicant filed an Application for Leave to Appeal the Judgement and Orders of 29 September 2023 to the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia.

  • Class member signup closed on 21 Aug 2020. It may reopen in future.

Court Ordered Notice

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Court Approved Notice page 2.jpg


JPB Liberty is investigating other potential Class Actions to protect the Cryptocosm.

  • Against those Banks which acted in concert to ban cryptocurrency purchases by credit cards.


  • Against those Banks which have improperly frozen customer accounts because of perfectly legitimate cryptocurrency transactions.


  • Against Regulators who exceeded their legal and constitutional authority in attempting to regulate the Cryptocosm.


Class Action

A Class Action may be brought where a large number of people have similar legal claims for damages against the same person(s). In a Class Action one or more Representative Plaintiffs sue on behalf of a much larger class of aggrieved people called Class Members. Class Members are not named on the legal papers and take a passive role in the case, but share in the damages award.

Litigation Funding


Because Class Actions are lengthy and expensive to run and involve high risks and potentially high returns, Litigation Funding is often used to fund and manage them. In return for assuming all costs and risks of the litigation and managing the lawyers, the Litigation Funder typically gets 25% - 35% of the damages awarded in the Class Action.

Web 3.0 Litigation Funding


In Web 3.0 Litigation Funding, each Class Action is funded by a Crypto Token sale. 25% of damages awarded in the Class Action (after costs) will be paid out to Token holders and 5% to JBP Liberty. The Tokens will be listed on Crypto exchange(s) providing liquidity for token owners during the lengthy litigation process.

Web 3.0 Litigation Funding
Typical Damages Split



JPB Liberty brings together a team of highly experienced professionals in law, finance, technology and marketing. With extensive understanding of and involvement in the Cryptocosm, this team bridges old and new worlds.

Andrew Hamilton


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  • Lawyer, technologist, serial entrepreneur & public policy advocate.

  • Rated as one of the best in-house lawyers in Australasia.

  • Impressive litigation record as general counsel, solicitor and advocate in Court.

  • Two landmark wins in High Court of Australia.

  • Extensive Crypto involvement as investor, GPU miner and user of decentralised applications. 

Global General Counsel

JPB Liberty is led by CEO Andrew Hamilton, an Australian lawyer and litigator with over 25 years experience and a rare gift in seeing legal strategies others miss. His outstanding legal record includes:

  • winning two underdog vs the system cases in the High Court of Australia

  • being rated one of the top in-house lawyers in Australia on numerous occasions 

  • singlehandedly running a Federal Court class action as solicitor and barrister

  • inventing and implementing numerous innovative legal and litigation strategies

Yael Grant


  • LinkedIn Social Icon
  • 20+ years accounting & finance experience

  • Big 4 Firms, NASDAQ listed technology giant & startups

  • UK & Israeli CPA

  • Expert in revenue recognition

  • Crypto enthusiast


Lilach Bullock

Expert Advisor 

  • Twitter Social Icon
  • LinkedIn Social Icon
  • Award winning social media expert, best selling author & paid speaker

  • Hugely influential online (100k+ Twitter followers) 

  • Forbes Top 20 women social media power influencer

  • Crowned Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle.

  • No 1 Digital Marketing Influencer in the UK 

Expert Advisor

Dr Brian Bishko

VP Technology & Public Affairs

  • LinkedIn Social Icon
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  • Computer Scientist

  • High Tech Entrepreneur

  • PhD in Computational Physics

  • Management Consultant with KPMG, Atos Origin & Capgemini

  • Writer, broadcaster and activist journalist

VP Technology
& Public Affairs
JPB Liberty Pty Ltd is an Australian company with offices in Sydney & Tel Aviv


Company Number 626 692 402
Address: 11 Canara Avenue, Phillip Bay, NSW, 2036



Address: 4A Carlebach Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6713229


Phone: +972 54 536 3529

Email:  (ProtonMail encrypted)

Press: (ProtonMail encrypted)

Telegram: @AkivaH
Twitter (DM's Open): @jpbliberty

Skype: apshammob

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