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Fight Internet Censorship, Content Demonetisation & Privacy Loss!

Are you concerned about

  • the censorship of alternative views by the internet giants (Facebook, Google, Youtube etc)?

  • the demonetisation of content streams that you've spent huge amounts of time building?

  • the loss of privacy from sale and data mining of your social media content?

Likely you are if you've joined Steemit, as the Steem platform provides a decentralised Crypto based alternative.

But the internet giants want to keep people enslaved into providing the content that makes them $ billions.

So they have attacked the entire Crypto Industry by banning all ads for Crypto related products and services (including Steemit).

JPB Liberty was created to fight back against these attacks on our freedom - using the Courts!

You can help the fight back by joining the Class Action against the illegal Crypto Ad Ban!

Its No Win No Fee litigation so there is no monetary cost to join and no risk or costs to you if the class action is unsuccessful. If its successful you'll get back some of your losses from the 50% drop in Crypto markets since the ad bans were announced.

It only takes a couple of minutes to join up so join now!

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