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Facebook feeling the pressure re Illegal Crypto Ad Ban. But is their policy change enough?

Less than a week after Web 3.0 Litigation Funder JPB Liberty announced a global class action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban Facebook has adjusted their Crypto Ad Ban policy in response to the pressure.

However, the adjustments do little to address the core illegality and unfairness of the Crypto Ad Ban. ICO ads are still banned, preventing thousands of legitimate crypto tech startups from raising funds via Facebook Ads. A new pre-approval process has been introduced that requires Crypto players to have some form of licence or be listed on a public stock exchange.

Newsflash: There ARE no licensing requirements for most Crypto projects in most jurisdictions, so this sets an impossible bar for most Crypto projects. Also, almost by definition, Crypto projects are not listed on public stock exchanges.

So what this shows is that the Crypto Industry needs to keep up the pressure. Join the Class Action against the Crypto Ad Ban.

The Crypto Industry can still claim for the huge damage done to Crypto markets, exchanges and projects that the Crypto Ad Ban has already caused.

We must keep up the pressure until the Crypto Ad Ban is completely lifted.

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